20 Years of Events

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Events thrived in 2013 as the Electronic Sports League hosted a range of tournaments held in 6 different continents across countries such as the USA, China, Germany, Poland, Brazil and…

20 Years of Battles

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2012 - An interesting year saw ESL’s members grow to over 4,000,000 and we even had a drunk burglar break into our office where he tried to break open a…

20 Years of Games

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2011 – Our numbers continued to rise, hitting 3.6 million members in ESL!  It was also in this year that Turtle Entertainment Polska was established as a joint venture. This…

20 Years of Change

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2010 – Another milestone as ESL celebrated 3 million members! The last season of the ESL European National Championship concluded in Cologne, with team United Kingdom clinching the victory over…

20 Years of GG

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2009 – The year ESL celebrated 2.5 million members. IEM continued to tour the world, making a splash in countries such as Chengdu, Dubai, and Canada. Intel Friday Night Games…

bevestor wird Naming-Right Partner der Virtual Bundesliga

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bevestor wird offizieller Naming-Right Partner der Virtual Bundesliga, der jüngsten Wettbewerbsmarke der DFL. Im Rahmen der strategischen Partnerschaft mit der DFL übernimmt die ESL die gesamte Medienproduktion des exklusiven professionellen…

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