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Building the ESL Gaming Family

The people working at ESL Gaming are the company’s biggest and most important assets — that’s one of the reasons why we see them all as part of our world-spanning family. The person responsible for making the family feel at home, and to get even more talented members, is Roberta Hernandez. She is a true Human Resources professional with an impressive background in the field. Let’s get to know Roberta and experience her view on the work she’s doing to better ESL Gaming.

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ESL Gaming envelops some of esports’ greatest competitions, unique gaming lifestyle festivals and online competitive platforms within a company that maximizes the value of these properties for gamers, brands and publishers worldwide.

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Launching a Hybrid Festival and Multiplayer Game

In March of 2020, the world shut down as the spread of the novel coronavirus reached global pandemic status. For most people, this experience was new. For others, it was reminiscent of virus outbreaks from history. What followed was isolation and seclusion, lasting well over a year and a half (and still counting). However, for the gaming community, it was an opportunity to do what gaming has always done best — bring people together.

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Prepping Talent to Ensure the Most Entertaining Productions

Although ESL Gaming is the world’s largest independent esports operator and content producer, we understand the importance of customizing each production to enhance the gaming experience. One way we accomplish this is by ensuring the talent we hire is knowledgeable and passionate about the game. Often in esports, there is a narrow focus on gameplay and competitive matchups when, in reality, the success of esports goes beyond the competition. It is about creating impactful, emotional and knowledgeable content. Sometimes in our haste to show the action, we  — as tournament organizers, broadcasters, translators and more — miss the opportunity to prepare our talent and behind-the-scenes operators to capture those moments.

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How ESL Gaming Transformed Gameloft’s Mobile Game into an Esports Title

Esports has a long and successful history of producing online leagues and tournaments. In fact, it was — alongside LAN events — the very heart of esports for many years. More recently, we have seen esports competitions sell out stadiums all over the world. While the online elements remained important, they also remained less visible. However, times change. As the world was struck by the Covid-19 global pandemic in early 2020, events everywhere were forced to shutter.

With our strong, online history, both esports and ESL Gaming were poised to quickly adapt to this new reality by transitioning to an engaging online environment, while simultaneously working on innovations to bring part of the arena experience to audiences around the world in a safe way. Enter remote productions.

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The company operates high-profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour.