New Member RFP

New Member RFP

RFP Now Open

The Commissioner of the ESL Pro League has now officially opened the first Request For Proposals (RFP) process for a new member to join ESL and the current 12 Team Members. This page will outline the key information regarding the process and will end with an application form that interested organisations can fill out in order to formally begin their respective applications.

Off the back of an incredibly difficult year for the world, I have been fortunate to work with a group of committed, ambitious and creative people that have driven the ESL Pro League to new records and to new expectations. 2020 was the year that ESL and some of the biggest names in esports bit the bullet and decided to throw significant energy and resources into a new approach: an approach that shares governance, that shares responsibility, that shares revenues and that shares success. And it has been that successful 12 months that has put us in a position to open this invitation to other organisations: those already in CS:GO and those looking to find the best platform in which to commit to the game. We know we are on the right tracks and we have already seen the fruits of our collaboration. It is time to see who wants to join our project.

Alex Inglot
Commissioner ESL Pro League

History of Pro League

Launched in 2015, the ESL Pro League was launched to provide a whole new test for the best organisations in CS:GO and the most talented players in the game. The league format meant consistency, adaptability and stamina became critical to success and since Season 1, teams have embraced the challenge. From the beginning of the Fnatic dynasty in 2015, to the drama of Cloud9 beating Brazilian reigning Pro League champs Luminosity in Sao Paolo in 2016; from 2018 showcasing the first glimpses of Astralis’ dominance in Dallas and then on home turf in Odense, to 2020’s regionalisation crowning seven champions in two seasons: the Pro League is where CS:GO history is written.

Last 12 Months

Once interested organisations submit their interest in the Application Form below, we will share more detail on 2020’s KPIs, but suffice it to say that 2020 exceeded expectations.
Before COVID really became broadly understood, ESL committed to an aggressive seven digit minimum guarantee of revenue to the Member Teams. Once COVID really enveloped the globe and crippled the ability to travel and the viability of hosting offline events, there was apprehension whether those lofty targets could be met. To the credit of the Members, the minimum guarantee was not only met, but exceeded by 20%, delivering six figures of fresh revenues to each Member Team.

We are excited to share more details with interested organisations to help them fully understand the opportunity and forecasts for this ground-breaking project.

The Deal

What do you get?

Our goal is to add an organisation to the ranks of our Member Teams as soon as the RFP Process is run, ideally in time for Season 14 later this year. That Team, once it is selected by the current Members, will accede to the existing Louvre Agreement and will be given the same rights as each of them.

Under the agreement, the New Team will have an equal vote to all the other Teams in the governance of the ESL Pro League, and will also be entered into the drafting mechanism for other ESL Circuit Events such as the Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One. Of course, the New Team will plug into the Revenue Share mechanisms that govern both the ESL Pro League and the ESL Circuit Events as well.
The Louvre Agreement has already forecast strong growth over the coming years, with minimum guarantees to teams increasing as well. The New Team will have the opportunity to rely on those minimum guarantees, lock in an asset into its financials and thrive under the stability and ambition underpinning the project.

What are we looking for?

Once organisations submit their interest via the Application Form below, we will share more detail on the information we expect to receive from them, as part of their Proposals.

But the process will be competitive and thorough. The Members of the Louvre Agreement are committed to developing the leading league in CS:GO and so are seeking organisations that will contribute to that vision.

Broadly speaking, the formal evaluation process will look at each organisation’s:

Competitive Performance

Vision and Values

Market Reach
and Engagement Levels

Personnel and Infrastructure Set Up

Ownership and Legal Characteristics


This suite of information will enable the Members to evaluate applications and decide which organisation is best placed to support the project and secure the ESL Pro League’s status.

Process Timeline

As mentioned, the whole RFP will be thorough, and while more details will be shared later in the process, the process can be summarized as follows:*

Phase 1

RFP Launch

Organisations complete the Application Form below.

by 25 March 2021

Phase 2

Invitation phase

Organisations submit signed formal Declarations of Interest and NDAs

3 weeks

Phase 3

Submission phase

Organisations receive Applicant Pack, review and deliver Proposals

4 weeks

Phase 4

Commissioner review

Commissioner undertakes initial review of all Proposals

3 weeks

Phase 5

Biding Process

Organisations make binding offers for League Slots

1 week

Phase 6

Members Meeting Vote

Executive Board makes recommendation

2 weeks

Phase 7

Execution phase

Successful organisation completes all accession requirements


* This process is indicative and may change as the Members or Commissioner sees fit

Next Steps

The Members understand that at this stage, no organisation can make a full commitment to join the Louvre Agreement. Those organisations that want to learn more about:
  • The tangible success of the Louvre Project and its projected growth
  • The requirements for formally joining the RFP Process
  • The detailed timeline from now until the final decision
  • The requirements for the selected organisation to join the Louvre Agreement
should complete the Application Form below. The Commissioner’s Office will respond within the next three weeks and will inform each organisation of the next steps.
Thank you for your interest so far and we hope your interest has only grown since the top of this page!

Let's get started

If you are interested in becoming a New Member and learning more, please fill in this Application Form before 25 March 2021

Contact person for the ongoing process
We confirm that we are interested in learning more about the Louvre Agreement RFP
We consent to the Commissioner's Office and ESL using our contact details for the purposes of this and any future RFP Processes

Still Have Some Questions?

Please contact our VP Operations

Hans Jagnow