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Look out, World

It started in the year 2000.
We had a dream. We had a vision. We had bedrooms, basements and LAN cafés with barely-working connections. We had no idea how far we’d come.


Esports is now a global phenomenon.
Sold out arenas. Record breaking streams. Fans cheering for the new generation of legends and teams – with more players joining us every day, on all levels.

We helped turn an underground movement into the world’s fastest-growing sport.

ESL, United

Now we have an identity to join all that up. A simpler, more powerful logo. Our own typeface so we can speak up louder. A visual world, made from hidden worlds that only people in our world can spot.
New Logo
New Colors
New typeface
New Tier-level
New pattern
for Hidden Worlds
New pattern
For mixed reality

A World where everybody can be somebody 

Our Leagues & Tournaments. From Zero to Hero!

For every player there is the right league. For each skill the right start into your own esports career. For every fan the biggest spectacles to celebrate the legends who made it all the way to the top.

A key part of our mission is to make the competitive ladder as easy to understand as possible for everyone involved, be it competitors, fans or sponsors.

Players first!

Everything starts with the players. Esports allows athletes from around the world to compete and train with each other. We can bring down borders by playing across them. Many of the barriers that make it difficult to follow careers in traditional sports don’t exist in our world.

We believe in strong amateur and semi-professional scenes that allow a path to professional play. We believe in developing local scenes that allow entry into global competition – and inspire them to become masters of esports. 

Go head-to-head with the most professional players in the world, use this chance to challenge them.

A stage for creators

ESL was made for gamers by gamers. The same kind of creativity that goes into figuring out how to complete through levels and make game-changing plays online affects everything we do. We believe that creativity and the creators themselves should be enabled and celebrated just like the biggest victories of esport athletes.

We created this new visual world to provide a better experience across the board for everyone we interact with.

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The future is coming

Over the next months, we will update our products so all tournaments and events benefit from our new look. This is only a first glimpse into a new world, but we could not wait to show you some ideas. Look for it!

The Journey

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The journey of esports has written many unique stories and creates the legends that developed their own career – the same way esports as a whole entered the biggest stages around the world.


ESL ONE gamescom


Games convention

ESL ONE Gamescom


Esport is Collective

Esports is all about the community. There would be no ESL and no esports without the countless hours pro and amateur players put in to take their games to new heights. We want to build platforms and products that allow them to rise to stardom and the brand refresh will allow us to tell their stories in ways we couldn’t before. This is why we need your help in this new era.

nothing without you

Your stories. Unbeatable dedication. The hours you put in.
ESL is our community – we want you to help shape where we go next.

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ESL Gaming GmbH | Schanzenstraße 23 | 51063 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49 221 – 880 449 – 0 | Fax: +49 221 – 880 449 – 999 |

ESL Gaming GmbH
Schanzenstraße 23 | 51063 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49 221 – 880 449 – 0 | Fax: +49 221 – 880 449 – 999

Copyright 2022 © Turtle Entertainment GmbH | All Rights Reserved | Imprint | Private Policy