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At ESL Gaming, we’re dedicated to making esports the largest and most celebrated sport on the planet. We create the stages where elite players become generational stars, where iconic moves forge legendary moments, and where hundreds of millions of fans view their idols from across the globe. In a complex and fragmented landscape, we provide our partners with the #1 way to win in esports and together we build a world where everybody can be somebody.

Brand Partners

We help brands embrace the youth culture phenomenon of our times. Through max exposure and authentic activation, we enable brands to engage the notoriously hard-to-reach global youth audiences capable of driving their growth today and tomorrow.

MEDIA Partners

We connect media partners with the world’s fastest-growing sports entertainment choice. With a dynamic portfolio of premier global esports competitions, we provide mass-scale viewership via premium, live, year-round content. Our industry defining production quality consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity forward in esports.

Publishers Partners

We fast track esports success for the world’s leading game publishers. With over twenty years experience, we bring unparalleled expertise in converting popular games into world dominating esports. From elite live events to the gaming platform technology that underpins the ecosystem, we provide operation excellence across all aspects of the fan and player experience.

For over two decades, ESL Gaming has developed into the world’s leading esports company,driving esports forward as the planet's fastest growing entertainment choice.

#1Global Competitive Ecosystem including best esports title portfolio on mobile & PC

170M+ESL Gaming fans meaning 38% of the total esports audience watch our content

472MHours watched., 253M outside of China

Embrace the Gen Z and Y masses

Gen Z and Y make up 2/3 of consumers and is your key source of growth. ESL Gaming reaches these consumers through the biggest moments, tournaments and coompetitions, featuring the best teams and players. 

So jump on board, grasp your chance and let’s change the game forever.

ESL Gaming creates complete esports ecosystems, such as ESL Pro Tour and ESL Mobile, creating opportunities for players to go from ‘Zero to Hero’.


Million Global Esports Fans, and Growing


The worlds biggest entertainment

Esports is the world’s leading entertainment industry. And it is still growing. With a steady global increase, it is becoming what every traditional sport strives to – young, global, digital and increasingly diverse.

Tapping into the 3 billion gamer target group

We are building on top of a large community of gamers, by complementing our efforts in esports with gaming lifestyle components in DreamHack for the 3 billion gamer target group, tapping into the wider gaming community while naturally expanding the reach of our esports activity for players, fans, and partners.