We launched the CSGO HUB for our community, to create a new platform where players can learn and improve with the help of innovative tools.

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Map Analysis

Players can deep dive into each individual map identifying where they take positive and negative engagements. Players can utilise a range of filters and sources to identify current trends in community and professional matches as well as their own. We also highlight tips for players to help streamline their improvement process.

Report Cards

Every Monday we assign you a report card based on your previous week of matches showcasing both your strengths and weaknesses from that period. We grade you against other players of an identical rank so you can easily determine where you need to improve in order to rank up. Players are provided with helpful tips based on trends that we have identified and given recommendations in order to try and correct those weaknesses before they result in more lost matches.

Automatic Match Recaps

After each individual game, we create a summary of each player’s performance. Players can then easily share their recent results for bragging rights, or to identify who contributed to key rounds to secure a win.

Daily Missions

Compete on a new global leaderboard with assigned missions every day. These feature a range of different skills such as different weapons and maps to help you keep focussed on improving your overall play.

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