ESL acquired csgostats.gg to continue to provide CS:GO matchmaking statistics for free. All players can submit either individual unique game codes or authorise automatic match-tracking in order to receive detailed statistics after each game.

Facts About csgostats

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million matches parsed
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million players seen
million VAC bans
Last update 04/2021

Post-Match Statistics

After each tracked game, we generate a post-match report highlighting each player’s contribution to the result. Players can then easily share their game with their friends to highlight their strong performance or lament over their losses. Aspiring players can use heatmaps or their statistics in order to drill down into their performance and identify areas where they can improve and learn from their mistakes.

Unique profiles

Every player who signs in with their Steam account is generated a csgostats.gg profile which houses their statistics. Players can browse detailed statistics to identify their top weapons or maps. Alternatively, they can find which friends they have the strongest results with or even observe which recent match participants have cheated and received VAC bans.

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