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ESEA is a leading third-party service for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Our aim is to provide a better experience for all levels of players looking to get the most out of their time playing CS:GO. ESEA hosts online servers across the globe for competitors of different skill levels to practice, improve, to qualify to the biggest tournaments and compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in prizes.

Facts About ESEA

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years of Counter-Strike history
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million accounts registered
server locations across 6 continents
Cheaters Banned
Last update 04/2021

ESEA Ranks

ESEA expands on CS:GO’s own internal matchmaking to measure each player’s skill level. We provide our own letter grade ranks which are used to balance similarly skilled players against one another.

ESEA League

ESEA runs one of the largest open circuit tournament formats for CS:GO where groups of friends and established teams can battle it out for their share of $800,000 in prize money with four seasons per year. The top European and North American teams from this will, in turn, qualify to the ESL Pro League which is the most prestigious consistent CS:GO League.

Qualifiers and events

ESEA regularly hosts open qualifiers where all players can sign up to try to reach the largest ESL Pro Tour stadium events. These qualifiers typically span multiple long days as several hundred teams battle for their chance at reaching those iconic tournaments. We also run regular cash cups to support the aspiring teams and the second tier of Counter-Strike with $38,000 in prizes each month.

ESEA Client

We can only give away such substantial prizes by investing in our industry-leading Anti-Cheat software: the ESEA client. Our team work around the clock identifying new methods to catch the most advanced programs and hardware cheats designed to give players an unfair advantage over their competitors. ESEA provides both the online Anti-Cheat for all of the above online matches as well as our LAN Anti-Cheat designed specifically to protect integrity in ESL’s biggest stadium matches.

Statistics, clips and additional benefits

We want to give our players the very best CS:GO experience by adding value to every area we can. We allow players to easily create shareable video clips of their favourite rounds to share with friends and display on their profile using an innovative in-game command. Players can utilise advanced heatmaps and track detailed statistics about their performance such as how effective they are with specific in-game weapons or their reaction time in order to improve.

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